Tropical Cyclone Trevor is now an ex-tropical cyclone, but apparently, I can still detect this rat bastard even though he's busy flooding the hell out of Alice Springs. I wasn't bothered by Trev's presence until he hit the far north of the Northern Territory... and I live in Southeast Queensland.

I have one HELL of a cyclone detection system.

I've taken some painkillers, but this shit is severe. Like. The entire left side of my head has a dull ache and the bridge of my nose, where my glasses rest, is the epicentre of an intermittent stabbing pain that radiates out to my entire left eye socket.

Yesterday was worse than this. I managed to get through two Java lessons before my discomfort got extreme and I had to quit.

It may be a five on the pain scale - seven on the higher stabs - but it's about twenty level annoyance. Out of ten. Ouch.

Progress was made, just not great progress. I plan on nibbling this thing to death if I have to.

Meanwhile, today's tales may be slightly lackluster. Or behind schedule.

I'm doing my best, I promise.