Challenge #02269-F079: Not Really That Deadly

Australia is a deathcountry. No talking back on that.

  • Giant Toads

  • poisonus Everything

  • f*ckt up climate everywhere

  • Birds, who defeated the Government (not even smart ones at that)

  • their Naming (Fairybread, Maccas,...)

Aliens learn of that from a human and an Aussie. (Will Australia receive an honorable Title of Deathcountry stage 5 or 5.5? You decide!) -- Anon Guest

Deathworld classifications work on how many factors can be seen as "being out to get" cogniscents who live there. These factors being one or more of: Flora, fauna, mycota(fungus), environment, weather, and the local solar system's quirks or foibles. For example, the Deathworld Majangahi is class three because of a hostile meteor swarm that regularly peppers the surface of the world with small craters, as well as a hostile weather system and a large population of venomous creatures.

Few have ever been able to classify a Death continent. At least, not before they met Australians.

"Nah, seriously. It gets deadly hot the further north you get. Queensland's not only used to temperatures of forty see[1], but also humidity so thick we swore they'd grow gills." Human Davo flapped their hands on either side of their neck in an imitation of a fish. "You've heard the catchy song we have about the wildlife," they sang a snippet, "Redback, funnelweb, blue-ringed octopus/ Taipan, tiger snake, adder, box jellyfish..."

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