Challenge #02270-F080: Location, Location, Location

On a spaceship a human salesman (yes, you aren't even safe in space from them) promotes his Product "FlexseALL" (just Flexseal with a different name). He has the same attitude of Phil and showtests his products on literally ever Problem on the Ship. And it works!

Even on the leaks, the engine, the air vents,...

Go crazy with your own ideas. And thank you for your time :-) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Thanks for making me see that with my own eyes. I think...]

In space, no-one can hear you spruik... Danthar Regis had practically talked their tongue out about this product. Demonstrated until his elbows creaked. Showed them how it worked, how well it worked, its versatility in temperatures approaching zero Kelvin to thousands of degrees Celcius.

What he hadn't known, until he collected a reconciliatory sandwich in a local diner, was that most cogniscents who passed through that particular concourse didn't anticipate a long stay. So they wore their livesuits and heavily filtered all possible inputs to strictly the destinations or things they were interested in.

Dan groaned. "I spent two shifts[1], out there. Two. I used so many volumes of that for demonstrations and... nobody was paying attention?"

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