Painkillers good

I usually mix acetaminophen [Panadol to us Aussies, Tylenol to the US] and ibuprofen to get rid of my cyclone headache. It was not cutting it, yesterday.

We have a small supply of Panafen, which has codeine in it. Codeine metabolises into morphine, which is a way more effective painkiller. This stuff is tightly controlled, so when our supply runs out, it runs OUT. I'll be screwed.

The good news is that I only need one Panafen to make the killer headache go away. The bad news is, it only lasts for four hours before I slide slowly back into STABBING AGONY again.

The really bad news is that there's like five of these things left.

I shall either have to improve or find something else that firkin works by then.

Meanwhile, I have to focus on all the other stuff. Patreon, daily instant, flash fanfiction, five hundred words, teaching Mayhem to drive...

All whilst preferably in a dim to dark environment because light still hurts.