Sunday, Game Night

Where's yesterday's story and why wasn't it out like usual?


I over-extended myself on Parkrun this week (ow. It still hurts) and needed an extended nap. Added onto that is a cyclone headache thanks to a low pressure system with its centre somewhere near Vanuatu.

Fucking VANUATU!

The low extends closer to Queensland, but HOLY SHIT. Vanuatu. Deesh.

I also had a social engagement in the evening. Hurry though I may, I could not get the word out everywhere.

I'm working on that before I get on with today's tale.

As of today, I am monitoring my compy temperature to see when things get sticky. Turns out, my compy gets pretty toasty. Interesting.

We'll be working on that as time goes by.

Let's work on that some more.