Sunday, Game Night & Unfucking Stuff

Beloved and I have a mutual way to monitor our spending, so that's a step on the long road towards fiscal stability.

My other steps are taking longer.

Like - getting books ready for publishers. And making my firkin APP ready for shipping out to the app stores. And individuating chapters for Mum's ease of access and thereby editorial input.

Which will be attacked in fits and bits at a little at a time. My PLN goes:

  • One week's of stories tagged for the app
  • Five chapters of book summarised
  • Five chapters of book individuated
  • And THEN I get on with dungeon building for my crew [I'm getting closer to switching apps for those who are interested]

Today's Tale Foundry - and I did not participate because Other Stuff - so after I'm done tagging a week in the archives, I shall check out what the prompt is and see if I have any ideas.

I have almost finished summarising Adapting which means my next order of work is making it all into a document of specific word counts. 2K, 1K, and 500 words.

Then I get on with the blurbs. Which are 500, 200, and 100 words, and a couple of snappy sentence options.

I played Minecraft too long, yesterday, so my wrist hates me at the moment.

I really need to find a wrist bracing mouse mat. Without the anime tiddies plastered on it.

I have had my coffee, I have been awake since 1AM, and depression is wrecking the fuck outta my sleep cycle.

Let's get on with getting on.

UPDATE - The Foundry has cancelled until tomorrow. Fuuuuuck.