Thursday, Game Night and Other Things???

My compy almost died last night because of some weird-arse crap. Something needed scraping out of the circuitry and I was lost for what the problem was.

A problem that did not get fixed until pretty fucking close to midnight. Thank the Powers that I napped between the time of the problem (9PM) and the time of the fixing.

Otherwise, I would be useless for everyone and everything.

I need to talk to my Beloved about how to guarantee contact with her. Again. I'll phrase it in the most unlikely and laughable terms.

"A globally-hated multibillionaire turns up at our doorstep and says they'll give me half of their wealth if I can get you on the phone in five minutes. If it's two, then we also get to punch them in the face. How do I reach you?"

It's a hell of a lot better than the "If, god forbid--" talk. And funnier.

Later tonight it is the game with local maniacs.

Today... I really should get on with summarising, but I find myself lacking in energy to do anything at all. Not even set dressing the slab I've just finished.

I want to lie in bed and cry. I want to lie in bed and hold my Beloved tight. I want some weirdo to volunteer to solve all my problems.

Let's get my content done.