Moving Forward

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Sunday, Game Night and the Future

I'm playing with my international maniacs, tonight. Which means I have less expectations. I don't even have to worry about Miss Chaos being ready for school.

Tale Foundry will start in a few minutes, and I will FOR SURE be trying to write the story entry early. I love doing that.

I finished another chapter of A Devil's Tale yesterday. Another one for MeMum to complain about. I might make progress on another one today. Still no ending in sight. I want to drag my characters through loss and regret and madness, first.


Beloved and I went for a walk after our Park Run, and this morning is unique for NOT having the knots in my legs whenever I get up. Strolling after a brief rest from exercise was the golden ticket.

Imagine my surprise that that was the trick of it.

The streams will be happening soon. And then I see what happens next.

Challenge #03207-H298: Solution Evolution

They knew their name, Lillian, named after the lovely flower. They knew that they'd gotten hurt, possibly died. They knew they'd fallen into the mana pool. Now the pool was gone, but they could still feel the upwelling of mana, the raw essence of magic, everywhere. When the magi told them they were a walking, talking, mana fount, their body had become the container for it, they laughed it off. Now, they were learning to take pieces of amber and fill these

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