Sunday, Game Night?

Things are cancelling on me. My GM cancelled two games because Lurgi. Now Tale Foundry has cancelled because Lurgi.

I will not be cancelling my stream because Lurgi. Chill.

There's supposed to be a game tonight but there might be just me fiddling about on some patch of software. Again.

Content content content... I am not content with the need for content. Blargh.

BUT if I want an audience, I need to keep making it. Sigh.

I have plenty of time to write chapters of A Devil's Tale or make samples of B'Nar and I will likely be doing that whilst watching YouTube. Until the hour rolls around to stream o'clock.

Who knows? I might actually have time to figure out how stream elements works. BUT I might procrastinate that some more.

Time shall tell. As it always does.

Story at some point, I swear.