Thursday, A Break?

Today's the day where I don't have output or sleep to worry about. I might have energy in the afternoon. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll still run out of battery because I have been off the ashwagandha for a week.

It's in the post.

I shall take some time for myself today and consider it well-earned.

I do indeed need it.

OR I might spend some more time on A Devil's Tale. Or minecraft. As you do.

I still have the usual stuff of set dressing, chapter individuating, story tagging, and summarising to do. Sooner done, sooner having less stuff taking up my time and energy.

Mum's off having fun at the craft show, today. I don't need to worry about that. I shall hear about it at the end of the day when she's safely home again.

And also, there's game night tonight. Ka'Renn the Mighty continues to sow barbarian chaos and memetic lols in our particular fantasy realm.

...I almost forgot.

So I get a good portion of R&R plus some remote socialisation in the mix. Yay.

Let's begin with a story.