Challenge #03573-I284: Preternatural Rogues

Soy un ángel, él es un demonio y somos mejores amigos. Lo siento, pero acabas de insultar a mi amigo por última vez. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translation from search engine: I am an angel, he is a demon and we are best friends. I'm sorry, but you just insulted my friend for the last time.]

Children have little experience with being prejudiced. They learn such from adults. And when one is beaten down because of a birth defect, there's little difference about the 'why's of it.

Ceagwil had been kicked out of hir home when the halo began to manifest. Ze met Amity in an alley, looking for shelter from the rain. The one crate was already full of devilborn, who hissed at hir out of instinct.

They shared half a mouldy breadroll and the crate. It was better than nothing. Both of them scrounged a living out of the alleys and byways of a city unconcerned with their welfare. They got very good at it. Amity made the best distraction whilst Ceagwil filled hir pockets literally behind the shopkeeper's backs.

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