Wednesday, Wordpress, Date?

I am still dedicated to tagging stories for the app, and that takes some time. I have NO idea what I'm writing for Wordpress today, so it might be another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale.

Or I might have to go on another rant about all the stuff I have to deal with.

But at least Jolie has an appointment about her teeth. Also on the good side, Beloved and I are reforging intimacy together now that things are changing for the both of us.

I may be getting that shelf installed today, too. Maybe my Wordpress can be about the good things as well as the struggle.

I dunno. I have a lot to do, and lots of it takes up time and energy both.

You know the to-do's I have on my platter. Getting them out of the way means I won't have to fret about them. Once the books are summarised, I can work on the blurbs and then start flicking them at publishers.

And maybe thereby get a deal. Who knows?

And if I don't get a deal, I shall have books to flog again on Smashwords and, perhaps, Lulu. Dead tree doesn't seem to work for my stuff, alas. Dead tree is expensive.

I shall see what I can wring out of my brain in due course.

Right now, I owe you what came out of it earlier this morning.