Challenge #03572-I283: A Very Special Remedial Education

A special school. This was built for the families of those who had committed crimes against the very people the "Noble" lords and ladies were supposed to protect. The young, the innocents, the guiltless, all of these were gathered, even if they were almost adults, brought to the school, and taught a new way to live. The lords and ladies that committed the crimes, THEY would face punishment. The rest? They would be given a chance to break that terrible cycle. -- Lessons

It was one of the more heavy-handed reforms introduced by the Demon King, aka the Thrice-Sworn King, aka the Crowned Assassin, aka Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of the name. Kosh to all of his friends. He had conquered Lithonesse just to make it.

It was a dull grey fortification full of dull grey aesthetics, and a general implication that this was a prison. You might get out if your behaviour was good enough. It was guarded by stern soldiers and populated by a special kind of person.

King Kormwind of Whitekeep had sworn three times to protect the innocent. This was how he was to guarantee that.

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