Tuesday, Patreon & Stuff

I'm running out of stuff to share because I am devoting my time to other things.

The other things:

  • Summarising Adapting
  • Individuating chapters of A Devil's Tale
  • Dressing chambers for my players to Dragon in
  • Tagging past tales for the app that really needs to get out there

Each of these takes more effort than you might think. Lots of mental effort, reading, and in some cases, jiggery-pokery.

At some point between those tasks, I shall be booking Jolie in for her dental work. Yay.

I shall also be altering my icon/avatar in my writing sites to this:

[Shown here: a stylized black pen nib against a yellow circle with some satellite ink drops and semicircles highlighting the yellow circle]

This is my logo. It's on my Discord [should be a link in the menu] and it should be everywhere I put my digital foot so people always know it's me.

I don't know how I got the black line there, but rest assured I will be annihilating it with prejudice.

I should have time to do some of this before stream time.

Wish me luck.