Challenge #03574-I285: A Time of Great Need

"I don't want the throne, I don't want that kind of power."

"I'm sorry, but it's your duty."

"But I'm scared, please don't make me do this?"

"If we find good, honorable, people to help you, will you, then, accept what you must do?"

"You promise they will be honorable, so I don't do something really bad by mistake?"

"I promise." -- The New Guy

The Reign of the Blood Throne was not what one might expect by the name. For a start, the ruler of the realm was decreed by an inherited artifact that judged their ability to treat the people fairly. If one couldn't "light the chair" then one was "out of there".

Kormwind Eleven had introduced himself as 'El' to his adventuring friends. Afraid, in his time of roaming, to tell them all the truth. Something like Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, eleventh of the name, Prince of the White Keep, and all its associated titles, tended to quell casual conversation.

It was astonishingly freeing, being a commoner. Astonishingly eye-opening to see that two generations of Hellkin "demonic" Kings had not dampened any prejudice against the less noble devilborn. They couldn't outlaw all of it, but at least the persecuted Hellkin had legal ways to complain.

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