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Challenge #03733-J080: One Lengthy Break in a Resort Town

Yes I am stealing a very silly anime trope that's often used in comedic series especially.

Wraithvine's apprentice accidentally walks in on hir while Wraithvine is having a shower. Oops! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Someone please explain to me why this is funny? I don't get it]

Pressurised water, heated from the nearby volcanic springs, was one of the draws of Gildfont. There was a bathhouse on every corner and most of them were focussed on getting their visitors clean.

It was a wonderful place to take an extended rest. The spas, the hot pools, and the aforementioned bathhouses where some clients could indulge in Gildfont's artificial waterfalls. What they called showers[1].

Strodius was so eager to try one that he wandered into the wrong cubicle.

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Thursday, A Break?

Today's the day where I don't have output or sleep to worry about. I might have energy in the afternoon. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll still run out of battery because I have been off the ashwagandha for a week.

It's in the post.

I shall take some time for myself today and consider it well-earned.

I do indeed need it.

OR I might spend some more time on A Devil's Tale. Or minecraft. As you do.

I still have the usual stuff

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