Sunday, Game Night and the Future

I'm playing with my international maniacs, tonight. Which means I have less expectations. I don't even have to worry about Miss Chaos being ready for school.

Tale Foundry will start in a few minutes, and I will FOR SURE be trying to write the story entry early. I love doing that.

I finished another chapter of A Devil's Tale yesterday. Another one for MeMum to complain about. I might make progress on another one today. Still no ending in sight. I want to drag my characters through loss and regret and madness, first.


Beloved and I went for a walk after our Park Run, and this morning is unique for NOT having the knots in my legs whenever I get up. Strolling after a brief rest from exercise was the golden ticket.

Imagine my surprise that that was the trick of it.

The streams will be happening soon. And then I see what happens next.