Challenge #03611-I323: A Small, Alarming Encounter

A small child climbs onto Mr. Sunshine's lap as he sits and paints. The parents apologize, profusely and nervously, for losing track of their toddler. -- Anon Guest

He didn't notice the child until a small and piping voice said, "Dassa ki'y ca'!"

Mr Sunshine would have come to a standstill if he wasn't already sitting down. As it was, he froze as if someone had pressed his pause button. Staring at what was obviously a very small Human neophyte.

They usually didn't let him near children. Or let children near him. He looked around for his usual security detail and found them conspicuously absent. "Yes," he eventually said. "That is a kitty cat." There were no parents either, but the child did have the requisite locator bracelets and anklets. Someone had to know where they were. Someone would probably be having a conniption as Mr Sunshine knew that he was a walking Hazard Zone.

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