Mr Sunshine

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Challenge #03946-J294: Educating Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine takes classes in medicine and childcare. This will help for future rescue missions. -- Anon Guest

It took a special kind of person to educate members of Pax Humanis. It was therefore no surprise that it took quite some time to make one. A B'Nari AI fully created to teach the dangerous. As many dangerous people as necessary. Though for this instance, Mr Sunshine was in a class of his own.

As always, if he wanted to be honest with himself.

He turned up five minutes early, and made sure he could log in to his educational datareader. There was a countdown timer announcing that his access was restricted until supervision was present.

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Challenge #03649-I361: A Very Painful Lesson

Yes I'm insane, yes, I am a killer, but I'm really a nice person once you get to know me. It's pretty simple, be polite, be honest, don't break your promises, and treat people with dignity, and we'll get along just fine. Otherwise.... well, I don't kill right away, I first teach a few lessons and let people go. The ones that don't learn? Well, don't cry for them. I did give them a chance. -- Anon Guest

You have doubtless heard

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Challenge #03611-I323: A Small, Alarming Encounter

A small child climbs onto Mr. Sunshine's lap as he sits and paints. The parents apologize, profusely and nervously, for losing track of their toddler. -- Anon Guest

He didn't notice the child until a small and piping voice said, "Dassa ki'y ca'!"

Mr Sunshine would have come to a standstill if he wasn't already sitting down. As it was, he froze as if someone had pressed his pause button. Staring at what was obviously a very small Human neophyte.

They usually

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Challenge #03515-I227: Where Can I Sign Up?

"Mr. Sunshine, sir?" Asked the teen he just rescued "How did you join the Pax Humanis?" -- Anon Guest

It was a bad scene. Mr Sunshine had left it that way as a warning to others. The child was clean and dressed and currently on some medication that made her emotions inaccessible by her brain. Sunshine understood, on an intellectual level, that she had been through an intensely traumatic experience previously known as her life.

Why she wanted to talk to him

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Challenge #03221-H312: Sunshine - Guide and Guardian

I wonder... what would Mr. Sunshine do / think if Jay decided to ask the gentle Lilicoon on a date? -- Anon Guest

Mr Sunshine was calmly painting as Jay was attempting to calmly wait for Miss Lilicoon to show up. Jay had done their best to scrub up, and was now in the middle of Choice Anxiety. Otherwise known as Maybe I should have...

"Deep breaths, apprentice," said Sunshine, carefully adding gloss to the coat of

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Challenge #03030-H107: Tea and Socialisation

I can't help it Internutter, I gotta see! Mr. Sunshine introduces Jay to his one, and only, true friend outside the Pax Humanis organization, Ms. Lilicoon. Her hands have healed quite a lot now and she keeps in regular contact with Sunshine and even has permission to visit his home on occasion, of course she always makes sure to ask first in case he's busy. Now that he's got a new student, and to show him that there's hope for even ones

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Challenge #02975-H052: A Jay of Sunshine

Hey InterNutter, about this Prompt, about the kid that started killing young due to the brutal life they grew up in?

There's been an interesting chat about it and could you confirm / deny for us? Now I'm dying to know!

bkf 45 9 days ago

Hm, I'd love for this guy and Mr. Sunshine to meet up. Heh. "Twins by spirit if not by blood?" That would be interesting, what do you think?

ryivhnn 67 9

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Challenge #02494-F304: Mr Sunshine's New Friend

His name was Mr. Sunshine. One of the better known, and as properly feared, members of Pax Humanis. He had been working on a station for some time now when he meets a member of a fluffy, bipedal, cat-like species. They were frequent visitors to this station because it was one of the regular trade stops along their delivery route. They delivered medical supplies and mail, mostly. And, occasionally, carried passengers. One young female of the species meets the cat-loving Mr. Sunshine

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