Challenge #03030-H107: Tea and Socialisation

I can't help it Internutter, I gotta see! Mr. Sunshine introduces Jay to his one, and only, true friend outside the Pax Humanis organization, Ms. Lilicoon. Her hands have healed quite a lot now and she keeps in regular contact with Sunshine and even has permission to visit his home on occasion, of course she always makes sure to ask first in case he's busy. Now that he's got a new student, and to show him that there's hope for even ones like them, he decides to invite her to lunch and have her meet the young man currently under his wing. The other story to this is "Challenge #02612-G055: Befriending Sunshine internutter (69)in #fiction • last year Where she had lunch with sunshine. But it's giving me the "Error Akimet has flagged your posting as SPAM" again each time I try to do a steamit link -- DaniAndShali

[AN: The other story referenced here is this one so you don't have to go trawling for them]

Needlework was good practice, the therapists said. Fine motor control training was dull unless there was something to achieve, and motivation to achieve it, but Lilicoon had goals in mind. Such as her current cross-stitch project - a portrait of Mr Sunshine as the conquering hero. He had painted her as a glorious queen, so turnabout was fair play. The shining armour mirroring the pattern of his ubiquitous sweatervest was, she thought, a cute touch. His mighty sword was a paintbrush, of course. She still had a lot of surface area to fill in, but it was starting to come together.

Mr Sunshine had a friend with him as he entered the teahouse. Younger, certainly. This new person had that gangly look of a Human who had yet to grow into their hands and feet. This fellow was a little less neat than Mr Sunshine. Rolled-up shirtsleeves and practical slacks held up with both belt and braces. Yet, still wearing the same warning colours as Mr Sunshine. Pax Humanis had a new trainee.

Lilicoon felt safe, of course. Mr Sunshine liked cats and refused to see them come to harm. The guarded teen in his shadow would not hurt her. He did boggle at Lilicoon for a second before darting his gaze towards every potential threat vector in the room. She put her work away in its carry-bag and wriggled her fingers proudly for Mr Sunshine.

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