Thursday, Day 0, Scam Awareness

Nine new cases! All of them are imports, putting the total case count up to twenty-four active, fourteen of them are in hospital. So ten are chilling out in a hotel. Yay.

The government website now has heat maps and regional data so you can check out which cases are in which area. Yay. Brisbane, as the general intake port of call, is bright red.

Today, as well as getting on with my usual nonsense, I shall be covering Telephone Scams I have encountered. There's more than a few of them, so I'll be covering them by genre. Starting with "Ring ring, it's Microsoft".

I didn't fall for a great many of these, but the one I did fall for made me more cautious and gave me a new vector for assessing scammers. Yay. I'll cover that when I get there.

In the news:

  • Two men died of vaccine-caused blood clots in NSW
  • There's still more massive deaths in India
  • China's been preparing for war for ages
  • Oklahoma couple discover walled-in shower during rennos
  • 6YO in intensive care after an accident with a toy the family got in a Gold Coast fun park
  • Sex assault caught on camera and police are investigating, but the guy who did it is still an "alleged perpetrator"
  • Joe Rogan cops backlash for telling people to avoid the plague jab
  • TikTok idiots use makeup to fake facemasks in Bali and get deported. I kind'a hope they caught the plague in the process
  • You can now get Cadbury Crunchie Krispy Kremes
  • Old "lifestyle" video of Epstein surfaces and it is retroactively horrifying
  • Out-of-print Collectible Card Game or Trading Card Game (TCG) apparently predicted a whole bunch of things that were unlikely in 1994. It's the shotgun effect
  • Facebook has loopholes that allow skeevy advertising to teens
  • Musk's "gamble" with bitcoin pays off. Shocker, he wasn't gambling. He and his minions inflated the market with his influence
  • IGA's about to rival Coles and Woolies

Let's get on with the scam expose.