Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, both imports. Fifteen total cases, eleven in hospital. That leaves four chilling out in quarantine. I'm glad the numbers are going down. Whew.

Today, Wordpress will see more of One Tiefling and I get to bafflegab about my writing process based on the skeleton. Speaking of the skeleton - I fixed the link in the first episode to the actual skeleton [link provided for those who don't want to archive trawl] and I'll be providing it again for those coming in fresh.

In the news:

  • Firkin news media made me think that India had an actual tsunami because they like clickbait article titles. It's just the plague, not any killer waves
  • Mask rules change in the USA, but only for those with the jab
  • SpaceX allegedly had an encounter with a UFO. I'm calling space junk now
  • Plea to keep Aussie Millionaires in India - please send Murdock lol
  • People keep letting plague vectors into Australia for really stupid reasons
  • Health product recalled over allergy concerns
  • Two indigenous people "found dead" in prison
  • New trapdoor spider drops
  • Muppet mocks Oscar ratings
  • Fights break out over airplane seats
  • Investigation into plague plane to Hong Kong from India, and all of the infected were in Economy. HMMMM
  • Scottish river turns yellow because ancient industrial dumping and the resultant cleanup fail

And now I share some terrible tiefling tales with my Wordpress followers.