Challenge #03029-H106: Experiments in Friendship

The ship was doing a long-haul taking a mix of human and havenworlder colonists to one of the few mixed-colony worlds. A human child, with their havenworlder friends, had begun exploring the ship and found their way to the engine room. When the parents found them, they were being given a lesson in how the engine works, and being allowed to be helpful, as much as kids can be. -- Fighting Fit

The world that Planetary Survey had found was perfect. Perfect for both Humans and the Phlupharin who wanted to live there. The recent peace between the Human Deathworlders and the Galactic Alliance Havenworlders had encouraged them to try building a settlement together. The Humans could deal effectively with any hazards and their presence tended to reassure the Havenworlders with them.

The reputation of Humans as intensely protective guardians had got around. So much so that the Phlupharin were unconcerned about their own young playing with junior Humans. Several friendships formed on the journey there. Such as Deg and Su.

They were five, and Human Deg had a knack for finding ways around the ship that ze really should not have access to. Fortunately, there were other Humans working on board and many of them were used to the less advisable habits of their young.

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