Challenge #02975-H052: A Jay of Sunshine

Hey InterNutter, about this Prompt, about the kid that started killing young due to the brutal life they grew up in?

There's been an interesting chat about it and could you confirm / deny for us? Now I'm dying to know!

bkf 45 9 days ago

Hm, I'd love for this guy and Mr. Sunshine to meet up. Heh. "Twins by spirit if not by blood?" That would be interesting, what do you think?

ryivhnn 67 9 days ago

Yes to this! Unless Jay is Mr Sunshine? :O

bkf 45 4 days ago

Interesting theory! Comfortable sweaters, sensible shoes, loves cats, maybe Jay IS Mr. Sunshine. Taking on a new name after he left Independance? I could see him using an alias instead of his birth name, given the pain of his family life. And then I can see him secretly sending money to his mother and surviving siblings from his paychecks and selling his paintings so they can live a good life.

ryivhnn 67 4 days ago

Awesome headcanon backstory, I'm running with that til we find out more (if we find out more XD). -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Goes on an archive trawl to find all of Mr Sunshine's stories...]

Even now, in an age where technology can outstrip theology, there are angels. Just like the written angels, they are terrifying in person. Unlike the written angels, you can't tell they are just by looking at them. This was a planet for such angels. The ones who were sent to deal with problems with surgical precision and a great deal of blood down the drain. Jay had been assured that he was with his own kind. Fellow angels.

Here's the real thing about angels. Some come with a fiery sword and a heart bursting with justice. Others come cold and calculating with an exact measure of what is right and what is wrong. In this area of verdant gardens and lazy felines, there was an angel sitting at an easel. Jay knew how to pronounce his name.

"Mister soon-sheen-eh, I presume?" Jay said, moving carefully around to view the canvas. They had assumed that this man was like Pops. Like the other cancers they had cut out of society. Jay expected the man to lash out with his pallet knife at any given instant.

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