Challenge #03649-I361: A Very Painful Lesson

Yes I'm insane, yes, I am a killer, but I'm really a nice person once you get to know me. It's pretty simple, be polite, be honest, don't break your promises, and treat people with dignity, and we'll get along just fine. Otherwise.... well, I don't kill right away, I first teach a few lessons and let people go. The ones that don't learn? Well, don't cry for them. I did give them a chance. -- Anon Guest

You have doubtless heard the phrase, Manners Maketh a Man? They are the grease by which the cogs of civilisation keep turning. As long as things are civil, everything is pleasant.

As for those who are unpleasant... I have my methods.

They say that The Edge breeds people like me. Well. It's most often The Edge. The Edge, and a lot of Greater Deregulations. I'm not from either of those. Even in the most civilised places, there are monsters. Monsters like me.

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