Challenge #03648-I360: All Lifeforms Secure

They're rescuing felines and cleaners from a defunct station that was being decommissioned due to its age and how much damage it suffered. Unfortunately, sadly, some of the animals were very skittish, so they had to use live-traps to make sure they were all gently caught and brought to safety. -- Anon Guest

The good news was that Cleaners would follow any old trail of garbage, so they were quickly lured into safe containment. The other good news was that Skitties were genetically programmed to seek out lifepods and shelter there in urgent situations.

Most of them were safe.

The bad news was that some of the Skitties were, in Human terms, "extra spicy". The instant the doors started to close, some fled back into the station. They didn't trust cogniscent life and fled any approaching footfalls.

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