Sunday, Game Night and Expenses

I forgot to check my alarms this morning -_- Bleh. Still managed to get a game sesh on for my international peeps.

The cats are now fed, and I am currently watching the Foundry until it's time to my story stream.

The rest of my day is for offerings and other shenanigans. Including working out the schedule for the rainbow crowd game night henceforth.

Whee fun.

I might even have time to fix my "evil" playthrough in BG3. Or I might go back to trying my "heroic" Dark Urge. Or even get back to Kosh's misadventures. I love Baldur's Gate 3 :D

I am going to play through each of my alts before I load up mods and play through as Gaarsh just for the lols. I shall be recording that for later laughs.

It's bound to be hilarious. Gaarsh is a Bugbear. One of the traditional enemies of Faerune. I dearly want to see how well that plays out.

Anyway. There shall be stream, and there shall be offerings. And there shall be fun times as I prep to have a party with friends in Sydney next week.

Interesting times ahoy.