Budget Blues

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Crimbolio Shopping

It's raining, it's pouring, and my face says it's going to get worse because Cyclone Headache.


We do have moneys but IDK if I'll be able to use any of it and my current assets are scant.

I'm also pondering the penning of a Wordpress entry about all the AI "art" that's popping up and how it's a novelty and not the end of creativity as we know it.

Yes, Taylor Swift is "writing" a movie with AI, and none of the people who did the work the AI was trained on are going to get paid. Yes, there are already arseholes out there praising AI art machines because they "don't have to pay anyone".

It's not going to lead to a golden age and we all know it. But here's my hot take: It's not going to kill art, either.

You'll see when I get there.

This is my last chance to do Crimbo shopping for gifts and I have to take it.

The next most difficult thing is figuring out what to get some people. A few of my loved ones are firkin hard to shop for.

Coming up with the Crimbo feast may have to be the baliwick of Beloved.

Gotta work together on that.

Wednesday, Wordpress & Organisation

My love spent the day and the night and the morning at work. She didn't turn up at home until like 2AM :P At some point, we need to get supplies and do a budget. Balancing things we need to pay for versus things we want to pay for et cetera.

One bit at a time, we shall manage stuff. Wrangle our income, wrestle our expenditures and get things sorted out.

I don't even know IF we're having a date night this

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