Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

I spent most of yesterday looking up and getting a crick in my neck, or going up and down from a step-stool. So my neck and neck muscles HURT and so to do my thighs.

Right after I publish today's Instant, I am having a nice hot soak. Then - potentially - a massage. Or at minimum a nice relax sesh with bad food and fun TV. I've earned it.

The plusses - Friendo now has a lovely set of uniformly beige walls instead of the testimony to tantrums on pink that was there before I got there. I got to educate on proper tool handling [CLEAN AFTER EVERY USE, BABIES!] and learn a lot about why my Beloved refuses to spraint an entire indoor room ever again.

Why? It's HELL. It takes ages to set up, is arse to set up, and even when you do your best, there's gaps you have to come back and fill or come back and erase. I understand why my love just noped TF out of that.

However, if I ever lose my marbles and actually want to do that sort of noise again, I will remember one thing:

Get the painter's stilts!

It's going to at least prevent a lot of neck-ache and leg ache when the next day arrives.

Story in a few minutes. Bath after that.