Challenge #02608-G051: A Real Sweetheart

They had been fighting anxiety their entire life. While they did their best to handle it, there were times when, even with medication, they were overwhelmed. When they got their support animal, it was a bit of a learning curve, after all people expects skitties or dogs, not winged reptiles. They wore a special pair of glasses that, when their life-signs showed anxiety levels rising to the point where medication would not assist, and there were no dangers in the area, the words You are safe would slowly show in a corner, and the animal would softly begin to groom them, calmingly, to ease their fears. However, going aboard station, when others saw the monstrosity on their shoulder, well, sometimes they had to calm others' fears about the creature they carried. This prompt is because I've a friend who has severe anxiety and their companion animal is a pitbull. The dog is gentle, well-trained, and wears a vest to tell others it is a therapy animal. And yet, many times, they've had to explain that it's a therapy animal, even pointing out the vest, when places try to force them to leave because it's a pittie and people immediately assume that means "vicious". -- DaniAndShali

[AN: True historical fact - Pitbulls were once known throughout the United States as "Nanny Dogs" because of their gentle and temperate nature with children, as well as their ability to protect said children from wild animals, strangers, and other hazards. Pitties are sweethearts with a very bad reputation. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.]

Trust a Deathworlder to trust a Deathworlder. -- Galactic Alliance saying.

It was a Breknath Dragon. It was wearing the bright red of Medik Assistance, and on a leash. It was attached to a Human with Offensensitivity goggles and a Lifealert add-on attached to their datareader vambrace. The Breknath Dragon perched neatly on the Human's shoulder like a terran parrot and had a muzzle embellished with artificial flowers and bows. It also had protective, colourful covers on its claws. So of course, the first reaction by Customs and Imports Officer Threq was, "Do you have a license for that?" Followed shortly by, "You have had its venom sacs removed, right?"

The Human, who was doing meditative-style breathing, ran their bare hands over the reptilian life-forms flexile spines. The creature responded by flexing a wing over their head and nuzzling their temple. There was a musical, trilling purr from the beast. "This is my assistance animal, I do have a license and removing the venom sacs is harmful to their health, so I milk him as part of the daily routine. It's part of my income via Medik Central. I'm a licensed dragon-milker... but for only one dragon." They brought out a kit from their carry-on. "This is the milking kit, I can demonstrate, but there won't be more than maybe five millivu's[1]."

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