Monday Once More... AUGH!

The Sunday I feared is actually happening next week. The wedding attendance is happening tomorrow. And I was up at arse-crack in the morning to watch art happening on a stream session because I'm that addicted to Toasty's work.

I have a money run, house unfuckening, and all the usual output to put out. But the good news is that I've already done my 500 words today so I have more time for fartin' about.


I'm still painfully aware that I have muscles in my butt, but I do possess most of my flexibility again, so that's a win for today.

I will approach other wins as they happen.

For instance - now that I know my equipment hates the wifi where I play D&D, I have taken steps to ensure that I can fully log in to Discord on all my devices no matter where I am. Yay. No more of that bullshit.

On with more of my bullshit.