Sunday, and another Day Zero (sigh)

Honestly, I'm making note of what day it is to help me keep track. The groundhoggening is real, folks. I had a glorious slug day yesterday and I now have a crick in my neck from Gamer Lean.

Today's case is related to a known one. Yay?

You know that old console thing where you'd shift your body or tilt the controller to influence your performance on the screen? That. Only apparently I get right up to my monitor and tilt my head at Dead Dinosaur angles to make my toon run faster.

This has had a physical impact. Shocking.

In the News:

  • Anti-lockdown protesters are pushing for a third wave in Melbourne, thus displaying levels of wilful ignorance tantamount to believing you can walk across flowing lava if you cross your fingers just right
  • Muppet's in trouble for dissing wounded veterans
  • NSW Premier in trouble for wanting to save lives
  • He's also in trouble for traffic violations. Yay?
  • ScoMo in trouble for not acting quickly enough when the plague hit
  • Pharmacies in trouble for leaving out 'tester' masks

That last one is a solid 'yikes' with a side of WTF. Who the hell thought this was a good idea and what the flying fuck were they thinking?


People, sometimes.

Anyway, I shall be making an Instant real soon now, followed by potential faffing about in Satisfactory. I shall have to discuss energy strategies with Beloved. It's reached the point where the stuff we already have gets in the way of the stuff we want to do.

And I shall attempt to not get a crick in my neck when I'm running from beasties.