Challenge #02796-G239: Redemption in Progress

This is a continuation of this prompt, from your story. If it's ok?

The young woman, despite her past, despite the harassment from her old family, the family that sold her in the first place, had gotten a very good job and, through some series of hard work, and very lucky breaks, ended up quite wealthy. But her old family was still out there, more incised than ever because the fact she was living a rich, comfortable life, when they believe she owed them. It was now time to deal with them. She lived in Alliance territory, and they had come to call.

It wasn't just an education in books she'd received, it was more than that, far more. Law and Combat. And her favorite game, chess. The game, and Law, is how she learned to he cunning and how she'd gained her wealth. And now combat and cunning was going to teach her old family, once and for all, she was not someone they could mess with. And maybe send a message to the rest from that world, change was inevitable and it was not going to be fun. -- DaniAndShali

Vengeance is a dish, they say, that is best served cold. I have become a creature of greater space, and it is very cold indeed. Close to absolute zero. The perfect temperature for revenge.

I have twenty brothers and all of them want me dead. I have a genetic donor somewhere out there who could care less that I still existed, and wanted that to end. My existence is an insult to him or something. Toxic masculinity sucks.

Worse, for all of them, is that I have outpaced my own sire's worth. It wasn't very hard. The metrics of that Greater Deregulation are far below the minimum legalities of the Alliance. I could, if I wanted, buy the corporate entity my sire belongs to if I wanted. That would really annoy them.

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