Saturday - Day One!

Finally and at last. One. DAY. With zero nonsense from the Karen Squad, anyone related to the Karen Squad, or anyone within six degrees of anything the Karen Squad might have breathed on.

I still remember when we were within two days of Day Fourteen. All the same, this morning's news. is a relief from all the Day Zeroes that have been happening.

Here's to many more days of no plague.

Yesterday had me all over everywhere. I learned about ReTurn - a recycling joint that can give you cashes for your drink containers. No milk or milk alternatives, though. The catch is you have to separate glass from everything else. It's pretty fun all the same.

I'm plotting to take a helper with me next time I go so we can process two loads of orange bags at once.

Alas, there's no bins to dispose of the naffest of orange bags. I'm keeping the one with decent ties, because can-be-useful. The rest are going in the bin.

I have also acquired a whole lot of nonsense for the family, and very very sore feet.

I'm indulging in Jersey Caramels today. And after I'm done with today's tale, I am indulging in Satisfactory.

There's an alien world I want to fully industrialise, out there.