Challenge #02795-G238: The Ultimate Plasmotron 6000

While I’m playing some team based game

Some dumba22:

Ooo what’s over here~

Death chat:

[the entire enemy team] absolutely destroyed [dumba22] -- Anon Guest

The Humans were very still. There were twenty of them, each concentrating on a screen. It was utterly silent. One of them might mumble now and again, but otherwise, they were transfixed. The only noise was the movement of mice and the click of W A S D keys.

Companion Vresk was only sure of one thing. This was some form of pack bonding activity. These Humans were, if not friends, at least associates in a complicated web that would take weeks to unriddle if Vresk really wanted to work at it.

One of the Humans, apparently investigating something they could see, said. "Ooh, hey. Secret passage. What's down there?"

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