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Challenge #03399-I111: Pulled Out a Plum

If saving you is a sin I’ll gladly become a sinner -- Anon Guest

The crying infant had roused him from his bed, and when he saw what was crying, he almost thought it a mercy to smother the newborn beast. As a cleric of the Divine Light, that was close to heresy. Except for what lay on the town's midden.

Skin the colour of a ripe plum, a lashing tail with a spaded tip. The kicking legs had cloven hooves in lieu of feet. It turned every flame in sight a rude shade of red, and made every shadow dance. To allow a Tiefling to live was to allow corruption into the world.

But it was a baby, and its fate was unwritten. Did not the Divine Light teach that all should have a chance to choose?

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Challenge #03239-H330: What a Magnificent Change

How did the CRC respond when he handed over everything he owned, everything he had, even himself, to the CRC, openly apologized, and offered to face the consequences of his past? And how do his people react to know that he has learned the error of his ways, and wants to undo the harm he had done? -- Anon Guest

All it had taken was one bigger shark, and one chain of chance to make a

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Challenge #03092-H184: Ozymandius Syndrome

"Yes, I was a CEO. Yes, I am, was, the richest person on my home-world. So why am in this cell? I surrendered myself. Why did I do that? After what I saw, how they helped me, I grew something I didn't know existed. I gained humility. I hurt them. It's time I faced justice for my crimes. I deserve it. I'm so very sorry." -- Anon Guest

A wise man once wrote that it is often considered criminal to live in

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Challenge #02796-G239: Redemption in Progress

This is a continuation of this prompt, from your story. If it's ok?

The young woman, despite her past, despite the harassment from her old family, the family that sold her in the first place, had gotten a very good job and, through some series of hard work, and very lucky breaks, ended up quite wealthy. But her old family was still out there, more incised than ever because the fact she was living a rich,

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Challenge #02369-F179: A Big Choice

"You have a darkness in you, that’s all too clear. You can imagine yourself doing terrible things. But that's just your imagination. For all the looming intimidation factor, when you act, I can tell you still have standards... however few they may be... and there’s some lines I’m certain even you would refuse to cross."

"Hrmph... You can't know that for sure..."

"I feel it. I have faith in you. Maybe not to always do the right thing, but

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Two Peters and a Wedding - InterNutter - Steam Powered Giraffe [Archive of Our Own]

Two Peters and a Wedding - InterNutter - Steam Powered Giraffe [Archive of Our Own]

Now edited to have a kinder, gentler Peter.

Very sorry about the last version.

And still shaking off the residual emotions on my side [O noes! I hurt beautiful ppl by accident. I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry… etc.].

I can breathe now, yes?

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