Health update

For my marvellous readers still with me, I have a news.

Neither good news, nor bad. Just news.

There is very little that medicine can do for my wrists. And also, very little that they can do for my heels.

The Spurs I have are a symptom rather than a cause. They show that I have ligaments that are pulling on the bottom of my heels.

All I can be done, in both cases, is the liberal application of anti-inflammation cream, and whatever I can do to make myself comfortable.

I paid $60 to learn this. And I will pay a further $75 just to see the expert to tell me what kind of shoes I need to wear. That will happen in June. [I swear I might kill somebody if the expert just says ‘wear the shoes you are already wearing now’]

I’ll do what I can do heal between then and now.

We’re also doing whatever we can to find better software, that will allow me to write, without using my wrists. The current system, as it exists, is a pain in the arse.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out without writing.

Thank you, everybody, for your patience with me. It means the world.