I overdid it yesterday

I'm still not over this blasted bug, but I'm over enough to think that I can get back to healthy life.

In this case - it was a trip to the local shops to replace some foods and obtain a new potato chipper. You know the ones. The grid of blades that you feet spuds through and turn them into chips.

I was planning to use it on carrots, but that's not the story.

One trip to Woolies and one mall-crawl that eventually fetched up in KMart for a thing like the thing I wanted... and I was firkin wiped out.


I barely kept it together for dinner and then just... fell into bed.

Obviously I still need to rest myself. But this is getting ridiculous. I can make the mucous clear off with menthol, and from there, function like a regular human being but... even though I feel like I'm at 80% battery, that's a false reading and I'm closer to 5% or less.

I'd get new batteries, but that's a bit problematic because I am actually flesh and blood. Things would be so much easier for me if I was a robot. Because I need a complete restoration overhaul. And don't get me started on this firkin virus.

I get the feeling that I'll be getting things done, but at a much slower pace for the meanwhile. And with liberal use of naps in-between.