Why do I hurt myself?

As you'd expect, Beloved and I played Factorio pretty much all damn day. It's deliciously distracting. As a direct result, it was already pretty late when we finally gave up on it to watch some TV.

Two episodes of Daredevil on Netflix.

And episodes of Daredevil are longer than one might expect.

So it was almost firkin midnight before we lurched off to bed. And well after midnight before I actually fell asleep.

I am paying the price today.


In other news, I have given up on trying to upload Shaturday videos on Firefox. The damn browser keeps crashing and frelling up my plans. Uploading anything to the online miasma definitely sucks when one has terrible internets all over the nation.

At least Chrome doesn't bloody fall over if you look at it funny.

I might swap all my browsings over to chrome. Firefox is a lovely idea, but it is way too unstable for my continuing mental health and I really need to tone down on my self-masochism. Beloved will probably chip me about it, but really? I just want a browser that performs reliably. And that includes not collapsing from an electronic aneurism every time somebody asks it to load a web page.

If I had a dollar for every time Firefox farted on my work, just as I was doing something involved, I would be able to get a new compy with all the bells and whistles. And a capacity which ably suits my desire to hang on to absolutely everything.

The only downside to swapping is the time it takes to load anything up. And, as I mentioned, the internet is shit right now.

Making myself do anything is going to be more effort than I've got. Ugh. I'm too old to stay up past my bedtime.