Monday, Day 2, Labor Day

Seventeen total cases, sixteen in hospital, and only one left chilling for the all-clear. I'm feeling better about the numbers but not completely secure.

The steam machine is doing great, but I still need to dose myself RSN because I'm horking up bronchial casts of my alveoli. Fun. Also gross.

The bad air days may be coming to a close. I can hope. Thanks to the water vapour, breathing is easier, but I really need to shake the clinker to have better air days in my future. This has been a bad sneezin' and wheezin' season. In longevity at least, not in effect.

A peek at the news:

  • More lockdown terror in Western Australia
  • Missing sub sunk by an "invisible natural force"
  • Dude jumped a plague ship off Brisbane and is now facing charges
  • Gamer girls donning bikinis to make money from thirsty incels, sparking outrage
  • Baby teether doesn't meet safety standards and is recalled
  • Prince Andrew in yet another Royal debacle
  • North Korea rattling sabres at US
  • Angry US Knomira didn't want to see butts at a beach. THEN WHY DID YOU GO TO A BEACH, POFLO?
  • Brisbane International Airport new exposure site. Hello lockdown #4...
  • You too can catch a scenic flight over a nuclear disaster zone
  • Thousands of jobs available on Jetstar. With "slight" plague risk 9_9

Yeah it's no small wonder that I try to stay away from the news. Onwards to storytime.