Challenge #03035-H112: Hostile Working Conditions

Call Centres, Don't you just love to hate them, the faceless voice on the other end of the line, that automaton of modern industry you can vent all your frustration at and abuse until your hearts content.

You're sure they don't mind, if they did they could just hang up! You would! They couldn't loose their job over it surely?!?

Besides, its not like they aren't paid well enough to take one frustrated customer, if there was more than one complaint, surely they would be doing something about it RIGHT NOW?!?

they aren't really a person on the other end! Not really.

They couldn't be, working at a call centre. they don't have feelings, or loved ones, or physical/mental health concerns!
and their management cares more about them then you! Or you would be getting what you demand!

they are just machines trying to prevent you from getting the service you deserve, damned the rules or T's and C's, or even the current issue affecting the company they have just spent 5 min explaining to you.

It's a major inconvenience to be talking to a lowly plebe like them.

Inspired by every caller that decides a call centre employee is a a verbal punching bag. To whom we would love dearly to give a piece of our mind to and hang up. But unfortunately, most cant afford to, because that's a terminating offence, and we have bills and, kids and partners to support.

And besides, if we did, you would get some sort of bonus or whatever for being a @$$#013. -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: True Facts - I almost got a job in a call centre. They were going to call me back when a slot opened up but the whole thing moved to somewhere in India before the window of opportunity happened for this nerd. The only time they called me was to try and sell me car lawsuits among other scams. Check out that related story this Thursday]

"So here's the brief. Stay on call for as long as possible, as you get paid by the minute. Put them on hold if they start to swear, but otherwise stick to the script. Hold doesn't count into your time. Churn here is high and management docks you if you take more than the scheduled bathroom breaks."

Lori was sure that was unrelated, but in this economy, she had to take whatever job was going. Leave only if you're fired because you're too expensive for the health department and of course they didn't cover dental. She'd had jobs like this before and used her first bathroom break to change her underwear for an adult diaper. Go-gurts and mountain dew were sustenance standbys as management only gave employees twenty minutes to eat. For those twenty minutes, there were nutritious sandwiches that she brought with her in a cold bag because like hell would anyone trust the break room fridge.

There was a clock on the computer screen with the local time in the area she was going to connect to and a script checklist. There was also a checklist of numbers for her to mark as liable or un-liable based entirely on whether they picked up and whether they put up with the script and for how long.

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