Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Three new cases, all imports. Eighteen total cases, with fifteen in the hospital. Three chilling out in a hospital. There's plague ships and plague planes and aaaaaauuugghh...

My story yesterday hurt one of my readers and that's never a good feeling. My bad for not being able to imagine a hero in the setting. So today's not off to a fantastic start for this nerd. I can't rewrite the story. It's a terrible road marker on my learning to be a better person.

I hate it, for the record. I hate hurting others' feelings. Even though I know, as a writer, I can't make everyone happy. I gotta be used to the idea that my best intentions aren't worth a hill of beans, and this author is dead the second I hit publish.

Eeeeehhhh... still not a nice place to live in, this morning.

In the news:

  • ScoMo catches crap for his decisions regarding getting Aussies home from plague hotspots
  • More about the horrors happening in India
  • They're plotting to raid Ivanka now that they're done raiding Rudy Giuliani
  • The kid who was hurt by a Sea World toy has died
  • Travel bans could backfire
  • German cops bust a porn ring with 400K members
  • New Zealand refuses to be bullied by China
  • Divers find a fossil? It's a mammoth bone
  • Muppet permabanned from Facebook and Twitter

And now I go post stories on Patreon.