Challenge #03036-H113: Where and How to Cut

In a quiet meeting room several met. Each one of them carrying a blade. Each blade were of various conditions of care, or lack thereof. As had became tradition, these blades were exchanged amongst each other, no blood upon them, and then thrust into a soft wooden half-sphere that lay upon the table showing each hand was empty. They discussed why they came to the palace, why they had once wanted to kill the king. What they had learned from the King in their year of sitting at the side of his throne. Some of these individuals were much, much older now, with more than a few battle scars, and some, like Dag, were quite young. The lords were getting restless, it was time to let potential knives know what their lords were really up to.

A spin off of this prompt. -- The Knives

There were five of them now. Kris, Dag, Lundi, and the ladies, Pel and Fawn. All of them had created the Council of Knives with the King's consent. Something was rotten in the realm, and each Knife knew where the fault lay. Their bloodless blades went into the knife block as a sign that they were not a danger to the king.

"The lords under the King want to live by their own rules," said Kris, the first among them. "I'd wager it won't be a month before another deluded young soul comes in the night with a blade of their own."

Pel, who actually got past the guard of Knives, added, "It won't be a month. These lords think that being a King is all of the benefits and none of the responsibility. Lord Baisingr, Lord Basingbrooke, Lord Felroth... he sent two of us. They lust for power and power alone. And there's mine... Lord Dreev. He's insidious."

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