Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

One case that's an import, putting the total active cases up to eighteen. Seventeen of these good people are in hospital. Eesh.

In today's Wordpress, I shall be wringing more angst juice out of one snippet of my original bullet points.

Today promises to be extra fun because cyclone headache. I've taken my painkillers and an antihistamine, so I am sincerely hoping that that cuts down on the nonsense I'm dealing with. Bad air days suck, and I'm hoping to learn whether or not they're allergy related.

If they are, I am going to have to find a source of cheap bulk reliable antihistamines... because Miss Chaos seems to have inherited the lung-related nonsense from both parentals. Yay.

In the news:

  • New conspiracy says the plague jab can cause miscarriages
  • Muppet's minions tank the career of a fellow party member who criticized him
  • India's citizens continue to be betrayed by both their own leaders and capitalism
  • Another blood clot causes panic
  • American shocked by the plastic bag tax in Aus
  • Concerns over China leasing a port in Darwin for 99 years

And now I share stories and such.