Friday, Day 2, Assorted Nonsense

Plague news: no new cases again. There's thirty total active cases, seventeen in hospital and the poor sod in the ICU got out. Yay. Australia's at 83% first vax, and 65% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 71% first vax and 54% fully vaxxed.

I have Starters to feed, a catbox to clean, a one-thousand-word goal for my novel, and it's raining so the stream is bound to be chunky.


At least I save my stream sessions so if the internet goes to shit, I can upload later.

In the news:

  • Nation that decided to "live with Covid" has massive death count. Shocker
  • Arsehole parks in someone else's driveway, homeowners block them in and demand an arsehole tax, yet they're the bad guys and not the arsehole
  • Electric mowers are the hot new thing
  • New probe into the plague's origins
  • More strife between China and Taiwan
  • Muppet urges his pet sheeple to boycott voting
  • Fake doctor faces charges for issuing vax exemptions
  • Kids now copying Squid Game
  • Westfield ceiling collapses

And now, more of my nonsense.