Monday, Day 2, Loooong Day

Plague news: no new cases! There's fourteen total active cases and they're all in hospital. Australia's at 90% first vax, 83% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still lagging behind all the other states and territories at 82% first vax, 70% fully vaxxed.

I have few plans but to stay awake and chatter with fellow Author types today. Maybe play some games.

If anything gets written besides my Instant, it will be miraculous. And it was a short Instant anyway.

I'm TIRED -_- I spent a lot of creative energy on my murder hobos already and I don't know how much more I have in me this morning.

Next week I take some HTP-5 before I put my head down. Maybe I'll get a better rest.

In the news:

  • Kansas Antivaxxers comparing themselves to victims of the Holocaust. No, really
  • Her Majesty sprained her back and couldn't attend Remembrance
  • Crisis due for Australia
  • More evidence of Randy Andy's skeevy behaviour
  • Qld about to drop border restrictions
  • Epstein's former partner and victim acquisitions champ complaining about maggots in the prison food
  • Mother of the Bride accidentally in love with the Groom
  • Bees can scream

Story. Then nonsense.