Saturday, Day 2, PLNs

No new cases, leaving thirteen active cases, all of which are in hospital. I now have my hooks into a tradie and the deal goeth thusly:

  1. Acquire the materials
  2. Including the taps and stuff
  3. Call the dude and arrange things thereafter

Fifty bucks an hour, and it should only take a couple of those. Fingers crossed, but I have enough stowed away in case of the fuckup factor.

It's only after we have the new vanity that I will siphon off the remainder towards the editing fund over in Paypal. Fingers crossed I get a novel that the publishers will be interested in. I should be getting more than "not what we're looking for" as a rejection letter.

All I need is one publishing deal to get the money to edit my other books and get them published and... so on.

Somewhere in there, I may toughen up against criticism. Who knows? It could happen. (stop laughing like that)