Tuesday, Day 0, School!

Plague news: Three new cases, one local and two imports. There's twenty-six total active cases, fifteen are in hospital. Australia's getting closer to 80% first vax, at 79.6% done. Even closer to 57% fully vaxxed. Qld's holding steady at 49% fully vaxxed.

I have had a very long and busy birthday. MeMum now knows how to update her phone. She also has her vaccine passport there too. Yay.

This involved, getting MeMum's MyGov to work [It's going to involve multiple answer hacks :P] installing apps on her phone, updating her phone, and installing the passport. And teaching her how to update said phone.

Given the limited data, that's going to be a pain in the canker.

In the news:

  • Qld could stay closed for months
  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other places hit by hackers
  • NASCAR driver attacks fresh ex with axe, gets shot and died. Good for her IMHO
  • Market crash in the win
  • TV star exposes their own kink
  • Logie winner crashed their car and nearly died
  • Millions lose their vax status somehow
  • World watching as China stops trading
  • Her Majesty spending loads of money on Randy Andy's legal fees
  • October's going to be HOT
  • Another scam has dropped. Don't click on links telling you your pix have been shared online

And now for today's little tale.