Challenge #03174-H265: Complicated Family Dynamic

InterNutter? What happened to their younger brother? The twins Marrimine? He was likely still a small child when they went and killed their cruel, abusive, tyrant of a father, did they take care of them in their home, or did they hand him off to a nursemaid and send him away? They seemed like very kind young men despite their cruel parent. And what happened to their mother? Did she get to keep her youngest son? -- Anon Guest

The twins Merrimine had entered the world holding hands. Thus bringing the worst of luck upon whomever separated them... or tried to. Lord Synope had forgotten that latter part in his schemings, and paid with his life for them. The twins went everywhere together. They were sent away together, they adventured together, even though one did more adventuring than the other at the beginning.

Now, young adults, they had become victorious against the tyrant who had sired them.

And, incidentally, met up with the rest of their family. Vindication Merrimine was still of an age where sucking his thumb was something of a reflex. The younger brother of the twins hid halfway behind their mother's skirts as the far older brothers faced a woman they hadn't seen since they were ten.

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