Monday, Day 0, BIFDY!

Plague news: One new case, an import. There's twenty-three active cases, fifteen of these are in hospital. Australia's at 79% first-vax, and 56% fully vaxxed. Queensland has 48% fully vaxxed.

I'm plotting to go out and see MeMum today. Tech support maybe and I have a card to open for sure. Gimmie a sec...

Horrible visual pun, check. Nice yellow-hued stuffing, check. Complete with the rest of my Irresponsible Money, saved since I forget when, I have a little over $100 to spend on PURE INDULGENCE. If anywhere accepts cash with a lockdown hanging over our collective heads.

For the record, Session 0 went well. Most of my players have chosen neither lawful nor chaotic and it will be MY job to stop them turning into murder hobos. Sigh...

I am publishing today's tale and then putting my head down for an extra nap before going on my adventures. Whether or not 500 words happens today is a bonus, to be honest.

In the news:

  • Victoria sets an opening date despite numerous cases of plague brought on by anti-lockdown protests and Knomiras
  • Gabby Petito's boyfriend spotted "dazed and confused" near the Appalachian Trail
  • Grand Final inspires crowds to flaunt the plague rules
  • Missing Mum's body found
  • Basketball legend says players who refuse the vax should be prevented from playing. Yay him
  • New encouragement to get the vax - a lottery!
  • Anti-maskers make work a living nightmare
  • Queen has a secret booze tunnel

And now - storytime.